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Short on ideas? All you need is divine inspiration.

With over 14 years of combined Marketing & Advertising, Sales, Business Management, Website Design and Accounting experience we can help to achieve your business goals with affordable marketing strategies to help your business grow and prosper.

If your company is poised for growth and in need of professionals to take you to the next level, Divine Marketing Group is your business solution. We pride ourselves on our ability to work with the individual needs of each of our clients to find marketing solutions that fit each need precisely. It's about relationships, teamwork, and an honest desire to help make every client feel like our only client.

Why Hire a Marketing Consultant?

While many employers have the expertise to build their companies, they may lack the internal resources to effectively communicate their messages to prospective clients. Hiring a marketing consultant is essential to successfully promote your products and services, while at the same time saving the cost of hiring a full-time marketing executive.

Marketing & Sales Expertise Without the Headaches of Hiring a New Staff

  • No Additional Payroll Expense
  • No Workman's Comp. or Medical Insurance
  • No "New Hire" Training
  • No Costly Hiring Mishaps
  • No Additional Paperwork
  • Hourly Rate Fees (for start-up companies and non-profit organizations)
  • Fixed Monthly Rate (best suited for established growing companies that need ongoing help)
  • Per-Project Pricing (best for smaller companies with specific short-term needs)
  • And more!




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Phone: 919-585-4498