David and Melanie Townsend started Carolina Dessert Company because they are passionate about sweets.  “We wanted people to enjoy life, and for me, the best part of life is the sweet stuff.” explains David.  He takes his work seriously in that he will make a layer cake unique every single time.  “Sometimes it’s a 6-layer cake and the next time, it will be 7 layers.  We have to be sure the outside is as beautiful as the inside.

The breads are a best seller, so far.  

He makes several kinds;  


Chocolate Bourbon

Chocolate Rum

Golden Bourbon

Golden Rum

Their signature toffee is carefully stirred for 1 hour at an even temperature to ensure a smooth, creamy texture that is perfection in confection.  Top it with milk chocolate and it makes for a magical, one-of-a-kind experience in your mouth.

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