Small businesses don’t have to sell Christmas ornaments in order to generate sales this season. Here are nine Holiday marketing ideas that will help any local business; whether it be retail, restaurant or service acquire more business.

  1. Advertise Holiday discounts-but get creative. For example, offer customers a discount for dining at your restaurant with a Santa hat on or by sharing their best party-planning ideas on your social media pages.
  2. Add Holiday-themed or seasonal items to your offerings. People love limited-time products like Starbucks’ pumpkin spice latte. A restaurant, bar, coffee house or bakery can attract fans of seasonal flavors with menu items like pumpkin-flavored drinks and desserts. A beauty salon can offer hair and makeup services for Holiday parties, or create Holiday nail art.
  3. Print out promotions. Promotional products related to Holiday, such as candy canes, gift bags with your business logo will keep your business in customers’ minds all season long.
  4. Sponsor a local Holiday event. Look for Holiday parades, Meet Santa events, parties, holiday road races held by local community organizations that you can sponsor. Ask if you can hand out promotional products, coupons or product samples.
  5. Create a Holiday contest for your customers. Make it relevant to your business or better still, crowd source ideas from your customers. For example, a pet store could hold a best pet costume contest; an interior decorator can have a contest for the most elaborate home or front door decor; a craft store could hold a poster-coloring contest for kids.
  6. Advertise on cable television. November and December is prime time for Holiday-themed programming that gets many people to tune in. If it’s in your budget, advertise on one of the many Holiday movie marathons found on cable this month. Other options that might fit your budget include advertising via social media or via live-streamed shows online.
  7. Partner up. Join other local businesses in your community and host a sidewalk sale or hot chocolate night or Holiday scavenger hunt for local children. As kids go from one business to another with parents or guardian in tow, you can hand the parents coupons or other discount offers.
  8. Mail greeting cards. These days, snail mail is becoming increasing thin.  So, make a customer’s day by sending a card early with a hand-written note for that extra personal touch.  Yes, this takes time, but it’s worth every second in order to keep that customer and encouraging them to refer their family, friends and neighbors to you.  Include a special offer, a thank-you or just seasonal greetings.
  9. Support a charitable organization. Offer customers treats in return for “treating” those in need by bringing in canned goods, gently used toys or clothing, or whatever the local charity of your choice is looking for. Publicize your charitable efforts on social media and with local reporters to get more people to pitch in (and visit your business).
Published On: October 26th, 2016 / Categories: Content Marketing, Digital Marketing, Inbound Marketing, Marketing Strategy, Social Media /

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