“A tenancy to talk about what YOU do and what YOU have without filling a need, will NOT impress your clients.”

Tell your customers about you and how you can fill a need they have.  Make them aware that if they use your service, they will lead easier lives.  If they have YOUR product, they will suffer no longer.  Give them what they need in order to do business with you.

#1 – Write Down Questions.
For one whole week, write down all the questions you get from customers in your store, online and over the phone.  You’ll be surprised at what your customers don’t know about you.  Turn that into content for your next newsletter.  Educate them and they’ll see you as an expert and refer you to their friends.  It’s true!

#2 – Use Content to Create Newsletter Subject Line.  Using 5-8 words, tell people what they will be reading in your newsletter.  Use numbers and encourage them to act.  Use resources so you’re not doing it alone.  Plagiarize And Perfect.

#3 – Make It Look Like You.    If your website is red, white and blue, DON’T make your newsletter pink, beige and black.  It doesn’t make sense and it will confuse people.  They will be wondering if the newsletter with YOUR name is the same as the website they have been visiting.

#4 – Engage With Pictures. 1-3 images is all it takes to capture your audience and make them want to scroll down.

#5 – Write A Call-To-Action. 20% of your email newsletter needs to be promotional.  That’s it.  Just 20%.  Any more than that and you’ve lost them.

We hope these steps guide you in the right direction when it comes to email marketing.  Divine Marketing Group offers a 1-hour complimentary consultation on ANY aspect of your business. Give us a call, we would love to hear from you!

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