#5 – Share what inspires you to continue with your small business.

Even after the grumpiest customer leaves the store, what makes you continue the daily grind?  Why are you passionate about your business?  Telling this to your audience makes them feel like they are a part of YOUR bigger picture and they will take pride in knowing they helped you achieve that in a small way!

Brick and Mortar’s owners, Jerry and Bernadette Gubitosi, share below why they love to host weddings.  Sharing your passions with your clients and your audience allows them to get a closer look at your personality, experiences, and joys. Despite the struggles and tough experiences, sharing your passion will help others see the bigger picture of your business!

“Why do we love to do weddings?… We get to do what we love which is to serve people. Jerry loves cooking and we get to be a part of the couples’ most happiest day of their life! It satisfies us to see the Bride and Groom so happy on their special day. We grow close to each couple we host.”

— Bernadette Gubitosi

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