Roadmaps show everyone on your team and in your organization what your high-level strategy is and how you plan to achieve it through goals and initiatives. Your roadmap keeps everyone on the same page by offering ongoing visibility.Creating your first marketing roadmap does not have to be painful. Here are four easy steps to help you get started.

1. Understand Your Target Market. You know you have a standout product when customers want to buy it, but do you know who your customers are? It sounds like an obvious question, but knowing the answer is ESSENTIAL. You should define your target audience as a part of building your marketing roadmap. They act as a framework for the rest of your marketing efforts.

2. Create A Direct Marketing Message For That Audience. People want to hear from YOU.  They want to know that your product is something they shouldn’t live without.  If you are targeting baby booties to single males in their 20’s, you won’t sell any.  Period.

3. Create A Lead-Nurturing System & Sales Strategy. Lead nurturing essentially helps your buyer get to know your business.  It also enables you to educate, inform and build trust with your leads.  The Sales Strategy then grabs that same lead and SELLS the product to them.

4. Create Long-Term Value And A Stellar Referral Program. Now that you have taken the time to identify your customer, and create a campaign around that target audience, make that customer LAST!  Build that lasting relationship with them and MAKE them want to refer you to their friends and family.  It’s all about trust and under-promising and over-delivering.

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