Plan to expand your brand in 2018 by doing the following:

1.    Expand your social media channels. In 2018 this is the season that you want to push the limits when it comes to social media. Devise creative plans to build your brand on new networks. If you don’t take the steps to expand now you’ll inhibit yourself from growth potential for your brand.
2.    Engage with your audience more. Users of your product or service love to have a voice when it comes to your brand. You can get customers involved by utilizing contests, hashtag promotions and getting feedback from your vlog.
3.    Take ownership of being the guide. Your brand should be solving a problem. Since you are the guide in your customers journey, you have to allow them to take the role of the hero. Take the steps you need to become more of the expert of your brand by hosting webinars, seminars or even live videos.
4.    Hosting events. Remember people love to gather. The best way you can share your story is face to face. When hosting an event connected to your brand you need to make sure you have the right partnerships & that you are sharing the benefits of your products and services. Make sure you have a give away item that will lead them back to you in the future.
5.    Networking. Having the chance to share your 60 second commercial or story in multiple environments is key to expanding your brand messaging. 2018 is about expanding beyond your borders or what you’ve been comfortable with in the past. Networking is a great way to capitalize on expanding your brand in other areas.

DMG can help you bring MORE brand awareness to your audience, thus helping them to remember YOU when they want your particular service or product.

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