The Power of Email Marketing Ads   


Email marketing is the new direct mail. Take advantage of the power of behavioral targeted emails with the following tips:    

1. When creating an email ad campaign make sure you create your ideal customer based on your goals and budget. 

2. Target your potential customers who fit your ideal demographic (audience) can help increase your open rate to 12% to 22% vs direct mail which is an average of 2% open rate.  

3. When sending an email ad campaign make sure that your click through button goes to a web page on your site based on your email content. 

Before Your Email Is Sent We Can Help You:

Step 1. We help you build your target audience: Income, Home Value, Demos, Children, Interests, etc. 

Step 2. Create your target geographic area based on who you want to reach with this email campaign

Step 3. We will pull a list of available emails that meet your target audience and geographic area. 

Step 4. I work with you to build creative created specifically for you based on the goals and focus of the campaign.

Step 5. This creative is emailed out to the targeted audience and geographic area list. 

Step 6. On average we will see an open rate between 12% – 22% depending on your business offer and creative.

The email will look like it came from your business, not a 3rd party. 100% SPAM compliant.

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