1.) Promote on Facebook – Create an event on your FB page. Design an enticing image to encourage people to participate. Host a Facebook live video before your event, talking about your event and answering questions.

2.) Promote on Twitter – Create a hashtag unique to your event and have attendees tweet questions about the event for you to answer.

3.) Promote on LinkedIn – The best way to promote your event on LinkedIn is to post brief status updates about your event. Make sure you include event sponsors, partners, brand supporters into the mix by asking them to share your post on their LinkedIn networks.

4.) Promote on Snapchat – Take advantage of Snapchat to give attendees a behind the scenes look of you preparing for your event. You may even consider creating a geo filter for your event.

5.) Promote on Instagram – Take advantage and post 15–30 sec videos with highlights of your previous events to get people excited. Moreover, adding in key phrases of quotes from your guest speakers or event coordinators to keep people engaged. Share high quality pictures of what people can expect from attending your event.

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