Through the content you send to your audience, you can become a source that your customers, clients, members and volunteers know, like and trust. 

1.) Structure makes things a lot easier. When starting the process of creating the content you can use on email and social media, keep a short list of topics at hand. Mention your expertise and put your brand stamp on it.

2.) Turn questions into content. Take your FAQs that customers/clients ask you and turn the answers to those questions into fresh, relevant content.

3.) Visuals are content too. The great thing about having smartphones today is your ability to take high-quality videos and photos. All you need to do is add compelling captions to your visuals to help your audience feel engaged.

4.) Share content. When starting the process of content creation sometimes you need a little support. If you are a smaller organization you can share content from other sources, but make sure you give them credit. Example… a news article or blog you saw that relates to your type of organization.

5.) Write for your audience and not for yourself. Keep content relevant short and focused, then your audience will want to continue to receive information from you later.

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