It’s important that your business has a great presence online.

Here is where to start:

Set up Google my business listing. With Google search taking more than 90% of web searches you have to make sure that your presence on Google is your top priory. Start off your Google checklist with making sure you have a Google My Business listing, organic search results, a 5-star review rating, a solid pay per click campaign.

Build your social real-estate foundation. Do you have a mobile-friendly website? Your foundation is your website. Your website expresses your brand. Your website allows you to answer people’s questions. Your website should be at least 5 pages. Your blog on your website is extremely important for SEO. Clean high-res images that represent your brand are essential.

How to drive traffic to your site with an email marketing campaign? Set up a welcome email when someone signs up to be on your email list. You want to include some type of offer or deal in that email. Invite them to connect with you more, share your latest blog or blogs in your newsletter with an invite to connect with you to learn more and get additional resources and or support.

Social Media – A big part of your brand awareness is your social media personality. Engaging your audience on social media will help them move to your call to action. How can you reach your social media goals? You can do this by creating a social media marketing plan, and engage your audience on a consistent basis.

Content – Search Engines love fresh and organic content is so important. Fresh content is the most valuable for your customers because it keeps you relevant. Your audience is always looking for the newest up to date information about your company or what your company has to say. Remember you’re the expert, you are the guide in the story of your business. Your audience is looking for your expertise.

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