Many of us are working from home, so this is the perfect time to start learning and growing your marketing strategies.

Tip 1: Know Your Goals: What are you trying to get out of Instagram? More sales? More engagement? Brand awareness? Or to be an influencer? This is an important part of your strategy because it will help narrow down who your audience is. Although many Instagrammers are between the ages of 18 & 30, that number is increasing. Start now by compiling data on your audience. You need to know the age range, gender, location, spending patterns, and interest if possible.

Tip 2: Visuals Win The Game: When you are establishing your Brand on Instagram it has to be visually appealing. You may ask yourself, “how do I do that, Cindy?” Your photos need to be high quality, but real (authentic). Try sharing behind the scenes of you and your staff creating or having fun. Quotes for Motivational Monday, before and after pictures for Transformation Tuesday. Teach others how to use your products or services. Videos make great content, you have 60-seconds to get your point nailed down, but thanks to IGTV you can share longer videos.

Tip 3: Tell Me A Story: Instagram Stories are beyond popular. They are the best way to share and are crucial to your Instagram brand strategy. Instagram stories can be used in so many ways, sharing tips, showing you having fun with your team, promotions and more. Create brand-specific templates that you can always go to, but don’t forget to add your personal touch & a call to action.

Tip 4: Use The Power of Instagram Ads: It’s not enough to just know when to post, in order to reach your audience on a larger scale you have to take advantage of Instagram ads. They make it easy to use, tailoring it to location, demographics, behaviors and more so you can reach your target market. “You Got The Power” right in the palm of your hand, so USE IT!

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