Knowing how to navigate and grow your business with Facebook in our New World is so important right now. This month we are going to show you how to Level up your Facebook Presence and take advantage of Facebook’s updates.

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1. GET PEOPLE CHATTING! Create strong emotions on your page. Funny or inspiring emotion brings more engagement to your brand. Your likes and shares will go a long way, so Facebook recognizes your page as valuable. Start getting creative by taking your 2D images and turning them into 3D graphics on Facebook or even use the Mood Mode on Facebook Stories. So have fun and keep it genuine.

2. SHOW UP WHEN YOUR AUDIENCE DOES! One of the questions we always get asked is “When do I post?”. Business to Business brands posting from 9 am- 2 pm Tuesday through Thursday, and Business to Consumer posting around noon Monday through Wednesday was always best. But, now that people are working from home more, we are seeing interaction throughout the day. So pay close attention to your analytics to determine the best time.

3. BOOST YOUR KILLER CONTENT! When you see larger than normal engagement on a certain post, make sure you take the next step and BOOST that post. Also, you can repurpose that content and create a paid ad. This will give you a chance to increase the size of your engagement while getting brand awareness.

4. GIVE THEM WHAT THEY WANT, MORE VIDEO! We all know that Facebook’s algorithm loves original quality video, so why not give it what it wants. When you are developing a video strategy for Facebook, make sure that your videos are at least 1-3 minutes long to start. Also, make sure you are sharing organic content that you created, this will give you the value Facebook is looking for.

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