Top 4 Social Platforms

We are all familiar with social media by now. Social media is a key element to include in your marketing strategy and can be the quickest, most efficient way for small businesses to stay connected with their audience. There are so many platforms out there that you can use, so we have picked out our top 4 to share with you.

  1. TikTok. While TikTok is fairly new to the social media game, it is one of the biggest platforms right now, especially for younger audiences. You need to be where your audience is and users are spending A LOT of time here. 
  2. LinkedIn. This is a great outlet for career seekers and professionals to connect. LinkedIn makes it so easy to grow your platform and direct messages to your audience. It even allows plenty of room for brand awareness. 
  3. Nextdoor. If your target customers live locally or within 30 miles of your business, Nextdoor allows you to advertise local deals, events, and more. It is all about local marketing on this platform.
  4. Instagram. This is one of the most popular platforms today and is the best for creativity. Instagram has so many ways to engage with your audience. It’s time to create a winning Instagram Strategy.

We know how important social media is to small businesses, and picking the social media platform that best suits your audience is important. Let us help you find the right social media outlets for your business. We can even help you manage it! If you have questions or need help boosting your marketing plan, contact Divine Marketing Group today for a free consultation!

Published On: April 1st, 2022 / Categories: Content Marketing, Digital Marketing, Inbound Marketing, Marketing Strategy, Social Media /

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