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When posting a video on YouTube, you want to make sure that your content is not only unique in some way but also well thought out ahead of time. Once you’ve brainstormed ideas, search on the platform to make sure your idea isn’t oversaturated in your market. Creating a video several others have already done will just have potential subscribers clicking the back button! There are always spins you can take on different ideas, whether it’s done by looking at a topic from another angle or going more in-depth with your tutorials than others do.

In videos, start off with a hook, such as a question (“Has this ever happened to you?”), an introductory line (“Hi I’m John, owner and designer at XYZ with 20 years of experience in the fashion industry”), or a quick roundup of what you will discuss (“In this video, I’ll cover the four proven ways to increase your YouTube followers. Let’s get started!”). Ask questions for your subscribers to answer in the comments to get them to engage more. Adding text on the screen of key points in your video as bullet points will help watchers easily keep notes as well.

Next, in order to have a better chance of making your video successful, you also need to plan out several key details. These can include settings, other actors/guests, scripts, length of the video, camera angles, and more. When you plan out ideas ahead of time, you can ensure no topics of discussion are forgotten, as well as finish filming quicker. Less time wasted means saving more money!

Once these videos are created, scheduling when to post them on your channel has to be considered as well. Channels that post once a week or more perform better than channels that post less often, according to Social Media Examiner. Select a day of the week and time of day to post consistently, based on when your audience is most active. Once your subscribers learn when you post videos, they will search for your channel each week at that time to not miss out on what you have to offer!

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