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In order to ensure the success of your videos on YouTube, you have to share them and talk them up across social media sites, on your website, in blogs, through link building, and through email marketing.

The easiest way to promote a video is to share the link or a clip to your social media channels. This can be done through posts, short video clips, stories, and in your bios. Sharing the direct link to YouTube will get interested viewers to watch your content on your channel, instead of uploading the same video to social media sites, which won’t increase your subscribers as effectively. Embedding a YouTube video on your website or in a blog can be done without too much difficulty so that when someone visits either of these locations your newest video can be found right away.

To build up backlinks, or other websites that include the link to your video, you should find other businesses or YouTube channels that are within your field or closely related. If you only share tips on residential real estate, promote another successful channel that focuses on commercial real estate instead. When you build a relationship with them, they may start including links to your videos in their content as well. Win-win!

Email marketing or writing a newsletter can be complicated and time-consuming, but year after year it’s proven that content sent through email is the most successful. You can ask viewers to sign up for your newsletter by providing an email address on your website, offering a free guide or other product only to those who provide their email address, or even just adding your YouTube link in your email signature. There are many ways to build up your email contact list, and by building this list you can let your audience know what your next video will be about and provide a link to the video directly.

Overall, the more views you have on your videos, the more followers you will gain as well. If you need more direction on where to share your videos or how best to promote them, contact us at today!

Published On: March 27th, 2023 / Categories: Content Marketing, Digital Marketing, Inbound Marketing, Marketing Strategy, Social Media /

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