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The domain name (aka the website name and what will show in the search bar) for your business is one of the most important decisions you can make. Not only can an amazing domain help your business stand out and grow your customer base, but a poor domain can make it hard for your business to be found or even cause legal troubles. If you’re looking for that perfect domain name, follow these key tips:

  1. Keep it Simple: Choose a domain name that is easy to pronounce, simple to spell, .com is preferable.
  2. Be Unique, but Stay on Brand: Not only do you need to make sure you capture the reader’s attention, you have to make sure it matches your overall brand as well!
  3. Research Thoroughly, Then Act Fast!: Spend time researching your competition to get ideas, as well as looking up potential names so you don’t get in legal hot water.

Having a domain name picked is better than never deciding at all. Follow along with our weekly blog throughout April to learn more about each tip in depth. If you need help brainstorming ideas or narrowing your choices down, reach out to Divine Marketing Group online at We offer marketing consulting services for cases just like this, as well as website design and maintenance services.

Published On: April 1st, 2023 / Categories: Content Marketing, Digital Marketing, Inbound Marketing, Marketing Strategy, Social Media /

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