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The process of doing research is not necessary in the beginning stages, but it can help you if you are unsure of where to start. If you are in the brainstorming phase, you can choose to research the names being used by competitors to get ideas rolling. What are similar businesses in the area doing? Is it working for them or can you learn from their mistakes?Another option is to utilize a domain name generator. There are several domain name generator tools that you input keywords about your business and will provide potential domains you can use right away. Try using GoDaddy, Nameboy, or DomainWheel as name generator tools to start.

While researching to start can help guide you, researching definitely needs to be completed as the final step in the process of selecting your domain name. Once you believe you have selected the perfect domain, you need to make sure it is actually available and is not trademarked. It’s essential to use a unique name so you don’t need to stress about legal troubles in the future, confuse your audience, or have to come up with a new name shortly after.

Once you’ve chosen the perfect name and researched it on several search engines, make sure to act fast! Several domains are being selected every minute, so stalling unnecessarily can only lead to losing out after all your hard work. Follow the key tips we’ve laid out, but once you’ve completed them don’t wait for future meetings or put selecting your domain on the back burner. Websites are one of the most important aspects of your business, and the sooner you get started the better!

If you want guidance before creating a domain or need marketing help for your business in other aspects, reach out to us at We would love to help your business succeed in these growing digital times!

Published On: April 24th, 2023 / Categories: Content Marketing, Digital Marketing, Inbound Marketing, Marketing Strategy, Social Media /

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