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Two of the biggest reasons clients reach out to us for assistance with their marketing are that they don’t have enough time to dedicate or they don’t have the money to hire another full-time employee. Companies that solely focus on marketing can be a godsend to businesses with these challenges because we can do just that - save you time and money!

Since marketing agencies spend all of their time building digital ads, creating graphics, and finding the latest trends, that means they can do it all much more efficiently than most other businesses. Hours upon hours are spent completing the marketing tasks other businesses may only have a few minutes to do each week, so with the extra practice they can accomplish much more in shorter time periods. When a small business wants to find out the best time to post to social media, or where to reach their target market, it can entail endless amounts of research and studying of data. When this task is passed along to a marketing agency though, the staff already knows a lot of the answers to these questions, or at least can look at the data and read results much quicker.

By choosing exactly what services you need and when you need them, you can control the costs spent much more efficiently as well. Think your website needs to be revamped? Hire a marketing agency to accomplish this within a few months when the funds have been raised, then check that off your list. Want to create social media ads for a big upcoming event you’re hosting? Enlist a marketing agency to handle these ads for you, then after the event you can part ways. Marketing teams are there for you whenever you need them, and if you want to take a break or reduce costs in the off-season, that’s always an option. When you are looking for someone on staff to help with this, you need to ensure you can afford to keep them paid year-round as well as tasks for them to complete.

If you are looking for short-term help, or want to start small and see how your company grows, reach out to us at Divine Marketing Group. We can be there for you whenever your business is ready!

Published On: June 12th, 2023 / Categories: Content Marketing, Digital Marketing, Inbound Marketing, Marketing Strategy, Social Media /

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