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PDFs and infographics are wonderful resources to include on your website as interactive content. These are downloadable resources clients can keep on their computers or print as a physical copy. Having these resources readily on hand and available is an easy and engaging way to offer more to your clients.

A PDF is designed to be platform-independent, meaning it can be viewed, shared, and printed on various operating systems without the need for the original software or fonts used to create the document. PDFs are resources often used for larger gatherings of information as opposed to quick snippets. Using PDFs or infographics has many benefits, but here are three stand-out benefits:

  1. All computers and mobile devices support PDFs
  2. You can compress PDF files without significantly affecting the quality of included images and text
  3. PDFs retain all formatting, style, and image information from the source file

Because  PDFs are accessible on many devices, can easily be decompressed, and retain all formatting, they are great interactive content for clients to directly receive, and use, from you.

Infographics, an alternative interactive content, are defined as a visual representation of information or data”, and are often two pages of content. Infographics help take a lot of information and convert it into creative, easy-to-read visuals. Here are three reasons to start incorporating infographics on your website today:

  1. They are visually appealing and help condense content
  2. Infographics help establish brand credibility by telling a visual story of your company’s success and expertise
  3. They provide an improved SEO (search engine optimization) because of how highly and easily they are shared amongst people.

Whether you want to share large amounts of information through a PDF or quick, visual graphics through infographics, your company and clients mutually benefit from what these two interactive content resources have to offer. Follow our blog to learn more about result-driven interactive content and other marketing secrets to success every week!

Published On: September 11th, 2023 / Categories: Content Marketing, Digital Marketing, Inbound Marketing, Marketing Strategy, Social Media /

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