Understanding AI & Marketing | Clayton, NCThe talk of AI has invaded news outlets in the past year, leaving us to wonder how it will affect our future. AI (artificial intelligence) is not an up-and-coming concept; it has been around since the creation of computers. Artificial intelligence replicates human intelligence and hosts problem-solving capabilities. It differs from standard computers because it does not need a human to fix or improve processes; it is self-reliant. In 1950, AI started to form and was then named “Artificial Intelligence”. Prior names for AI were “automatons” and “robots”. According to Tableau, these three dates and contributions continued to propel AI further:

  • 1950: Alan Turing published “Computer Machinery and Intelligence” which proposed a test of machine intelligence called The Imitation Game.
  • 1952: A computer scientist named Arthur Samuel developed a program to play checkers, which is the first to ever learn the game independently.
  • 1955: John McCarthy held a workshop at Dartmouth on “artificial intelligence” which is the first use of the word, and how it came into popular usage.

Those events were just the beginning of a whole new technology. Between 1950 and the present, AI has truly taken a whole new form of its own. As AI continues to grow and expand, many are wondering how it will impact our future – positively and negatively. Over the month of November, we will be stepping into the world of AI and how it affects SEO searches, marketing sales, and marketing creations. Be sure to refer to our blog page every Monday to read the newest release of our blog series. 

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Published On: November 6th, 2023 / Categories: Content Marketing, Digital Marketing, Inbound Marketing, Marketing Strategy, Social Media /

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