Digital Marketing: The Magic of Holiday Marketing

Digital Marketing: The Magic of Holiday Marketing | Clayton, NC

Let’s entertain nostalgia for a couple minutes. Turn back the years to when you were a kid at Christmas. Do you remember the hottest toys every kid wanted? The ones everybody was buzzing about? Maybe you crossed your fingers, closed your eyes, and hoped really hard Santa would surprise you with that gift under the tree. Do you remember how you heard about that toy? Maybe it was from a commercial on TV, an ad on the radio, an insert in a magazine, or from your best friends who also raved about the item. Some of the most influential marketing strategies are displayed in action when it comes to holiday time marketing. Can digital marketing be just as effective when it comes to holiday advertisements?

Holiday marketing has such a leverage because it feeds on your emotions. When you think of Thanksgiving or Christmas, you often associate it with family and friends gathered, enjoying each other and eating delicious food while making memories. Holiday marketing takes that warm, holiday feeling and adds it to the product advertised to you. Look at these holiday marketing statistics gathered by Moosend:

  • 37% of consumers said they get inspired by gift ideas by browsing the websites of their favorite brands, and 23% will go window shopping. 
  • 69% of shoppers between 25 and 34 years old say online influencers are a great source of inspiration for seasonal holiday gifts. 
  • 50% of Christmas shoppers prefer retail brands that perform sustainable practices. 
  • 85% of buyers prefer free shipping, and just 15% prefer fast shipping. 
  • 57% of US buyers intended to shop online during holidays. 
  • The internet influences 8 out of 10 shoppers before purchasing during the holidays. They usually start from search engines such as Google or Bing.

Reading these, you realize just how influential digital marketing is during the holidays. Consumers want to spend money, and most have saved some extra to do just that for the Holidays. On top of that, a vast amount of consumers are shopping online. This allows for a broader reach, quicker transaction, and higher bill of sale. Here are some ways you can implement digital marketing around the holiday season:

  1. Practice remarketing: Go the extra mile to send those follow up emails as a reminder for consumers who are already interested in your brand. Abandoned cart emails get 45% open rates, and 21% of them receive clicks. Of the users that clicked, half of them completed a purchase.
  2. Use nostalgic music: People love singing along to their favorite Christmas song. If you have chosen a visual or verbal ad, choose music that helps set the mood of Christmas time. 
  3. Host a social media contest: Consumers love free or discounted products and will gladly trade a repost, follow, comment, share, or tag for the chance to win what you are offering. Take advantage of your social media following. Allow your followers the chance to save some money while also increasing your social media engagement.

As you continue forward through the holidays, remember to be intentional with marketing. Now is your chance to take full advantage to get your name out there and earn more customers. Need more guidance with marketing? Contact us today for a free consultation. 

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