Reviewing Trends of 2023: Utilizing AI | Clayton, NC

Reviewing Trends of 2023: Utilizing AI | Clayton, NC

AI, or artificial intelligence, has been like a sleeping dragon waiting to be awakened. Not many realize AI has been around since the beginning of computers, but within these past couple of years, the beast has risen. In January of 2023, Forbes predicted AI would become more accurate and acquire more trust. Recently with AI, 85.1% of AI users use the technology for article writing and content creation, 81.6% of digital marketers think content writers’ jobs are at risk because of AI, and 50% of consumers are now optimistic about AI. Recognizing the positives and negatives of AI helps establish further trust. How did AI affect marketing in 2023, and will we continue to see it play a prominent role?

There are three ways AI stepped up and changed the game in 2023; Through social media, AI generator, and Chatbots.

Social media: AI provides tools to help make social media a more fluid experience for both user and creator. For the user, AI helps present more customized content to you, providing you with a personalized experience. This includes things like pictures, videos, ads, and more. For the creator, AI is a wonderful assistant to rely on. Creators can turn to AI to make video edits, add voice captions,  suggest optimal posting time, and track performance. Moving into 2024, AI will continue to provide content, ideas, and results.

AI generator: Whether you need an image quickly constructed, a catchy social media caption written, an upbeat tune composed, or a photograph edited, AI generator is the perfect tool. Depending on the program, an AI generator is simple and efficient. With a simple prompt or list of instructions, AI can help create just the content you seek. A great idea to continue utilizing AI in 2024 is to allow it to create content for you based on your keywords.

Chatbots: By early 2023, ChatGPT had accumulated over 100 million monthly users. This easy-to-access resource is a great place to turn to if you have questions about nearly anything. Some exceptions of questions chatbots can’t answer are questions about medical, legal, or financial advice, answers that require subjective opinions, and more. But you know what chatbots can help with? Helping you develop a blog idea, fact checking your work, ensuring there is no plagiarism, conducting further research, and so many other benefits. Chatbots are a tool you will want to keep in your belt as you move through 2024.

Given what we have covered, what are your thoughts on the 2023 AI predictions? By assisting with social media, providing AI generators, and utilizing Chatbots, AI has surely lived up to its expectations and continues to prove how helpful it can be. If you are still unsure or want to dive even deeper into the world of AI and marketing, check out our November blogs

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