Reviewing Trends of 2023: Relying on SEO | Clayton, NC

Reviewing Trends of 2023: Relying on SEO | Clayton, NC

SEO, search engine optimization, has been a staple since its beginning in 1997. Among social media, influencers, and AI, some wonder what the future of SEO might be. Will SEO continue to be prominent through the development of other online machines? This same question was asked at the beginning of 2023. Hubspot predicted, “when it comes to the trend marketers will invest the most money in for 2023, SEO ranks third behind short-form video and influencer marketing. Further, 88% of marketers with an SEO strategy will increase or maintain their investment in 2023, which is a slight uptick from the year before (84%).” What did SEO end up bringing to the year 2023?

SEO and AI helped each other: Some might see SEO and AI as competitive, but they must  be viewed as compatible. SEO and AI are two separate engines and in 2023, paired together for continual advancement. Users leaned into the personalization of AI to improve their SEO. Smart Bug Media shared this was completed by “helping you automate data analysis, pinpoint user behavior trends, and discern content optimization suggestions.” Creators also turned to AI for growth by utilizing AI generators and chatbots. 

People-focused content: When it comes to search engines, Google especially started to highly filter published content to avoid clutter on Google Search. This means they encouraged users to write content for people first and for the search engine second. Yes, it’s important to research keywords and utilize those. But Google essentially told users to stay authentic and write about their experience and expertise. For example, if you are an automotive company, there is no reason for you to be giving cooking advice. It will be flagged that you are using keywords simply to appear on more searches.

Increasing organic traffic: Though always a goal for businesses, people made it a priority to continually improve their websites and increase organic traffic. Co-founder of WPForms, Jared Atchinson, shared the best eight ways to increase organic traffic: identify correct keywords, generate relevant content, optimize page titles and descriptions, optimize images, use internal links, optimize URLs, reduce website load time, and build quality backlinks. 

For SEO, 2023 was a year of identifying, experimenting, and expanding. Users started testing with AI, had to shift their focus to writing content for people and not programs, and searched for ways to increase organic traffic and rise above the noise. As we continue into 2024, learn from the past to help develop for the future. To receive the professional marketing advice you need, contact us today for a free consultation!

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