2024 Marketing Predictions of 2024: Sustainability

2024 Marketing Predictions of 2024: Sustainability


As the years move forward, consumers are expecting and demanding more of the companies they rely on, and this will be a highlight in 2024. Whether it be the treatment and pay of workers, conditions of the work environment, consumption of items, or how materials are resourced, people are now, maybe more than ever, aware of the impact their decisions have on the planet and other people. Sustainability is starting to become a demand, and consumers want to see actions taken by companies to show sustainability is a priority. What are some ways your company can start practicing sustainability?

Go digital: Converting physical to digital reduces waste, saves time, and can be more efficient. Instead of paper advertisements, allocate that budget to digital marketing. Allow days of the week to be a work-from-home day to reduce gas usage and save time. Consider hosting meetings with clients virtually. Converting to digital is not only a sustainable option, it also saves time and can be more efficient.

Consider where you source from: If you want to practice sustainability, you need to expect the same of the sources you are supplying from. Check the companies you are partnering with and consider their sustainability practices. Are their items ethically sourced? Do they provide proper care to those who work with and for them? If not, align yourself with businesses that have the same values as you. 

Be aware of your consumption: Take inventory of what you use, how much you use, and how you dispose of waste. Research what can and can’t be recycled and take steps to use as little as possible. Another tip is to look into companies’ take-back programs. Some companies, like Scrub Daddy, allow you to send products back to them once used to be properly recycled. Another sustainable tip is to compost as opposed to throwing scraps away. Review your town services to see if they offer compost options. If not, you can easily make a DIY compost bin of your own.

Sustainability goes beyond the physical materials we use. As consumers continue to raise the bar, keep aligning yourself with companies who also value the planet and the people on it. Want to check out your favorite brands and see their sustainability rating? View these statistics to see where companies fall on the sustainability scale. Be sure to follow along every Monday as we continue to unveil marketing trends for 2024.

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