Marketing Predictions of 2024: Data Privacy and Protection

Marketing Predictions of 2024: Data Privacy and Protection


Companies hold countless amounts of private information, and once breached, that information can now be public knowledge. In 2024, data privacy and protection are predicted to be a priority. But what does data privacy and protection have to do with marketing? Well, everything! Marketing revolves around receiving personal information from people and companies to target these individuals with accurate information. What is data privacy and protection, and how can companies be proactive to protect our most valuable information?

Data privacy is “the ability of a person to determine for themselves when, how, and to what extent personal information about them is shared with or communicated to others.” Some information companies might have stored from consumers is name, email, address, contact info, spending habits, online presence, and even more private information like social security number. Having this information is a massive responsibility, and companies need to continue to keep security a priority. 

The consequences of a data breach are scary and personal. With stolen information, thieves can break into accounts, create new identities, sell your information to other criminals, and target other victims. There are multiple things companies and consumers can do to protect data privacy.

Stay up-to-date with protective software: Always ensure your software is running on the most recent update. This will help keep its protective protocols as recent as possible.

Use advance sign-in: Require your consumers to utilize things like two-factor authentication, strong passwords, and security questions. 

Be aware of who you give your information to: We all feel enticed by the prompt to “enter your email for 10% off”. Though great offers, be sure you are aware of the companies you are willingly offering information to.

Embrace the Power of VPNs: If your job requires you to travel or transition between locations, consider using a VPN. It’s like an invisibility cloak for your digital life, keeping your online movements safe while also concealing your actual location.

Educate Employees on Cybersecurity Best Practices: Recognizing the importance of the human aspect in digital security, it is critical to undertake frequent staff training sessions. These training sessions should go beyond the essentials, including identifying phishing attempts and comprehending social engineering strategies.

With hackers getting more clever with how they steal information, it is more important than ever that we are monitoring and being proactive with data privacy and protection. Throughout 2024, continue to stay present with data privacy and protection to ensure you are providing the best security possible. Be sure to tune in to our blog every Monday as we continue to discuss marketing trends in 2024!

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