Marketing Predictions of 2024: Content Personalization

Marketing Predictions of 2024: Content Personalization

Presenting content to consumers continues to grow in tactics and creativity. Marketers have a plethora of resources they can use to reach consumers, two examples being machine learning and AI. Throughout 2024, you might notice content being presented is more personalized to you. If you are a business owner, you can take this prediction and use it to your advantage to reach your target audience. We will be discussing content personalization and software you can utilize for it.

Content personalization involves understanding a consumer’s age, location, education, gender, employment, income, purchase history, and browsing history. Using this information, companies can find and advertise to their selective audience. Sometimes this appears as an ad on Spotify, before a YouTube video, or when scrolling on social media. Content personalization can also be used to suggest items one might like. For example, the app Goodreads will suggest similar books you might enjoy, based on past books you’ve read. Similarly, Amazon will suggest products you would find useful based on recent purchases you have made. Even though content personalization can be used through advertisements, it can also be used in a less promotional way and more as a suggestion.

Multiple softwares have been created to help marketers with content personalization. Each has its niche, from SEO to email marketing. According to Trendemon, “70% of buyers now expect to receive personalized content, and 80% say they’re more likely to purchase from a company that provides a tailored experience.” Finding the perfect program for content personalization can be challenging. 

Content personalization is the difference between results and failed attempts. It is important to truly understand your audience and the best way to reach them. Through 2024, your priorities need to include creating customized content. If you need help doing so, contact us today for a free consultation!

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