Marketing has been present since the first indication of business. What started as word-of-mouth has turned into an entirely new empire, covering both the physical and digital realm. At Divine Marketing Group, we specialize in creating a presence online, and in our April blogs we will be covering digital marketing channels your business can benefit from: TikTok, digital marketing, digital advertising, as well as chosing the right one for you. Below is a sneak peek at what to expect over the next couple of weeks:


Monday, April 8th: TikTok- With ever-changing trends and humorous content, TikTok holds immense potential for brands of all shapes and sizes. We’ll demystify the platform and share some facts that may have you rethink TikTok.

Monday, April 15th: Digital Marketing- This blog post explores the challenges and opportunities of choosing the right digital marketing tool for your campaign. It highlights three key contenders: social media (engagement and community building), SEO (website visibility and authority), and email marketing (nurturing leads and building relationships). Each has its strengths and requires specific expertise. Remember, the key is understanding how to use each tool effectively and adapt to the ever-changing digital landscape.

Monday, April 22nd: Digital Advertising- The digital landscape is gushing with potential customers, but reaching them effectively requires precision and strategy. At DMG, we’ve navigated the complexities of both Google Ads and social media advertising. In this blog, we’ll dissect these two powerhouses, helping you understand their unique capabilities.

Monday, April 29th: How to Choose Your Digital Avenue- Deciding what the best avenue for your company is is essential to your businesses’ growth. In this blog, we will give you practical steps to help you determine how to find the best suited digital avenues to serve you and your business and reach the proper audience.


As we further discuss the online avenues of marketing, return to our website every Monday morning to learn more about the benefits of TikTok, digital marketing, and digital advertising. Want to learn more about social media? Join our Collaboration Gathering on Tuesday, April 16th at 10am!

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