The entertainment industry has captivated and swooned audiences for centuries, creating memories and hype-worthy performances. As our world has changed, how exactly has the industry adjusted its advertising to continue to reach its audience? During May, we will discuss the evolution of marketing in advertising in show-stopping ways. Follow along each Monday as we discuss the following topics:

Monday, May 13th: This blog post explores the fascinating evolution of film marketing throughout history, starting with the basic methods used in the silent film era, like eye-catching posters and handbills, and progressing through the decades. The blog concludes by emphasizing that film marketing today is a mix of traditional and innovative strategies.

Monday, May 20th: This blog post explores how Broadway marketing has transformed over the centuries. In the early days, word-of-mouth and playbills were key. The rise of stars led to the use of their fame in promotions. Radio, television, and then the internet all brought new marketing tools, like cast recordings, social media, and targeted advertising. This constant adaptation has ensured Broadway’s continued success.

Monday, May 27th: This blog post explores the evolution of concert promotion, from its humble beginnings relying on word-of-mouth and town criers to today’s targeted digital marketing campaigns. Today, social media and online advertising allow for personalized connections and targeted campaigns, ensuring fans don’t miss the concerts they truly want to see.

Find out how these marketing tactics have changed and stayed the same over the decades in our blog posted each week!

Published On: April 30th, 2024 / Categories: Digital Marketing /

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