As summer approaches, consumer behavior shifts. People flock outdoors, travel to new destinations, and soak up the sunshine. This can leave businesses wondering how to stay relevant during these warmer months. Don’t let the heat and humidity bog you down! Here at Divine Marketing Group (DMG), we’re here to help you keep your marketing strategy sizzling all summer long. Over the next three weeks, we’ll be diving deep into summer marketing strategies across different industries. Whether you’re a for-profit company looking to attract high-spending customers or a non-profit organization seeking to maintain momentum during the summer slump, we’ve got you covered.

Monday, June 10th: Summer Advertising Strategies to Stay Sizzling

First up, we’ll explore creative and cost-effective ways to advertise your brand this summer. We’ll delve into leveraging local events, crafting engaging social media content, and personalizing your email marketing efforts to ensure your message resonates with your audience.

Monday, June 17th: How Nonprofits Can Thrive with Smart Summer Marketing

Non-profits often face challenges during the summer months. But with a little ingenuity, you can keep donations flowing and attract volunteers. We’ll discuss marketing partnerships with local businesses, hosting summer-themed volunteer appreciation events, and adapting fundraising events for a seasonal twist.

Monday, June 24th: Engaging High-Spenders with Summer-Specific Marketing Campaigns

Summer is a prime time for people to indulge in travel, leisure activities, and high-value purchases. If your business caters to these segments, we’ll show you how to attract these big spenders with unique strategies like experimental marketing, data-driven display advertising, and limited-edition product offerings.

Throughout June, DMG will be your one-stop shop for all things summer marketing. We’ll provide actionable tips, highlight successful examples, and offer valuable resources to help you make a splash this season. Don’t let your marketing strategy wilt in the summer heat – let’s keep it fresh and exciting all season long!

In the meantime, be sure to follow us on social media for additional marketing insights and industry trends. And if you have any specific summer marketing questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to the experts at DMG – we’re always happy to help!

Published On: May 31st, 2024 / Categories: Marketing Strategy /

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