Summer can be a slower time for donations and volunteer recruitment for non-profit organizations. Between family vacations and traveling agendas, both time and money are often stretched thin for three straight months. Here are 3 creative marketing strategies to keep your non-profit thriving throughout the sunny season:

Cause Marketing Campaigns with a Summer Twist: Cause marketing partnerships with local businesses can be a win-win situation. Partnering with local businesses for co-branded summer products is a great way for you and businesses to collaborate. Find businesses that align with your mission and co-create summer-themed products. A portion of the proceeds from each sale would go towards your non-profit. For example, partner with a local ice cream shop to create a “Charity Sundae” with a portion of the proceeds going to your organization. Another great idea is to host summer-themed fundraising events at local businesses. Collaborate with restaurants or stores to host events like charity car washes, donation drives during peak shopping hours, or themed trivia nights.

Volunteer Recruitment Drives with a Summer Fun Theme: Summer is a great time to target students, young professionals, and families looking for volunteer opportunities. One way you can make your recruitment efforts stand out is by creating engaging social media campaigns with a summer vibe. Utilize bright visuals, summer-themed hashtags, and testimonials from existing volunteers to showcase the fun and rewarding aspects of volunteering with your organization. A second option is to host volunteer appreciation events focused on summer activities. Organize volunteer picnics, team-building games at the park, or volunteer happy hours with outdoor seating. Show your appreciation for your volunteers while creating a fun and social summer experience. Want to reach the youth? Partner with summer camps or youth programs**!** Connect with local summer camps or youth programs to offer volunteer opportunities specifically designed for younger audiences.

Summer Themed Fundraising Events:

Traditional fundraising events can be adapted with a summer twist to boost participation and donations. A popular idea is to organize charity walks/runs with a summer theme. Plan events like glow-in-the-dark walks, early morning sunrise runs, or themed obstacle courses. Live near the water? Host beach clean-up events! Combine fundraising with environmental awareness by organizing beach clean-up events. Participants can pay a registration fee or collect pledges for the cause.

By implementing these creative marketing strategies, your non-profit can make the most of the summer season and continue its important work throughout the year. Looking for free marketing resources to utilize? Comb through the DMG catalog of blogs to help you make a splash in your marketing this summer!

Published On: June 17th, 2024 / Categories: Marketing Strategy /

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